Our company

"It was 2008 when I crossed the threshold of the London office of the Carbon Trust to attend my first course ofproduct carbon footprinting.

At that time, in Italy, sustainability based on a defined, transparent and comparable metric was still seen as a useless effort to collect and process data as well as a dodgy disclosure of corporate data. It was preferred, in fact, to entrust the matter to some willing marketing person and therefore there was a whole proliferation of self-proclaimed "eco friendly" packs varished in green, homemade environmental labels and sustainability claims based on the astonishing  discovery that some packaging is recyclable.

Over the following years and to date, there has been a progressive change of such attitude, change mainly driven by big national players and international companies that had begun to ask their supplier, in an ever more stringent way, certifications, data, reports that would allow them to be effectively assessed on the environmental front, as well as on social, economic and risk management.

Personally, I've had the fortunate to work for over 10 years in an industrial group that has me
allowed to apply globally widespread best practices  and to elaborate multi-year sustainability policies, develop projects with the main customers, innovate and successfully explore new markets.

This experience is first became my profession and then allowed me to give birth to Valore Sostenibile, a company set up with the precise intention of developing and spreading specialistic skills, training young specialists and collaborate with established professionals and put this knowledge at the service of the sustainable development of companies of the territory".

Dr. Massimo Lombardi 
Amministratore Unico | Valore Sostenibile Srls